Ben conducting a training session at the United Nations - Fall 2003


“In-fu” – Information Kung-Fu

We want to help you understand the technology you are using. Whether you need to wrap your head around how your website works, use your desktop software more productively or get into the really advanced stuff, our personalized training programs will make you and your colleagues become more nimble computer users.

Your specialized needs are unique, but the tools that you are using are not. We call our customized curricullum “In-Fu”, because once you master a few new routines, you will reflexively and instinctively know what to do next. We share with you our techniques on how to use technology, but more importantly our goal is for you to come away from our training sessions able to teach yourself.

We can teach you one on one or in a group, anything from the fundamentals of using hardware and software, such as keyboard shortcuts and economical motion to intricate procedures of manipulating vast amounts of data easily. For example, you may have been using Microsoft Excel for years, but can you build a database in minutes by parsing pasted information from another document without touching the mouse? Can you write formulas from scratch, sort dozens of columns of information and make sure you got it right? This is one of the things we specialize in and we can show you how to do it yourself.

Some of the software we can help you master are integrated products like Microsoft Office and Adobe Suites, to web browsing utilities and plugins, to specific environments like setting up and maintaing a Facebook business page. If you need to advance your understanding of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, SQL, PHP and ColdFusion; we can tailor the program specifically for your needs.

It all starts with what you need to do better, faster and more productively. Learning is easier when you have a purpose and a mission. Share with us your learning objectives and we will build a curriculum around it. Whether you need a one-time one-on-one session, or a multi-session seminar for a group taught in a classroom we can save you countless hours of lost productivity by helping you to use your technology with the grace of a martial artist.

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Whether you like something we do or are just wondering how we may be able to help you, please contact us for a free consultation. Powersimple AT gmail Dot Com