Over the years, our clients have asked us to develop custom mapping solutions to display database driven info. Long before there was Google Maps or Google Earth we made powerful but lightweight maps that are rich in information visualization. Since the advent of Google Mapping, it was a natural that we also provide solutions that utilize Google’s rich information. Depending on your custom needs, we can use either Flash-based maps with custom graphics and artwork, or use Google’s map API to attach to your Database. Here are some Case Studies

Google Maps embedded in web pages

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair

This Map shows not only the location of PULSE, but you if you zoom out, the other satellite art fairs that run at the same time are also plotted on the map complete with logos. Click on the image below to visit the PULSE site and see the working map in action. This example is one of several Google Map solutions we have created for our clients.
PULSE Contemporary Art Fair - Google Map

Plotting large volume address data on Google Earth

Vote From Home

Vote From Home Ohio - KML US Zipcode Demographic Dataset 2008Vote From Home 2008 – When Vote From Home was managing a registration drive in Ohio in September 2008, we used a database to plot by Zip Code, by County demographic statistics on Google Earth to help them target areas in the state of Ohio that most likely needed voter registration support. Voters in Columbus, Ohio that were disenfranchised in 2004 were able to vote early in 2008. Vote From Home successfully registered over 11,000 voters before the deadline. Zipcodes are represented with the USPS bird emblem. Click on the image to download Download KML File. Save it to your computer and then open it in Google Earth.

Moschini Productions

Coalition to Stop The Use of Child Soldiers - Flash Data Driven Map By Powersimple 2004Moschini Productions – has a vast listing of locations. Our KML generator made it possible to plot these locations on Google Earth. This allows Moschini and Affiliates with access to zoom in on a Geographic Area and see where there locations are and link directly to the profile on their web pages, plotted with their signature “on the fly” icon.

The KML file for this is not publicly available because it contains proprietary information.

Flash Maps

Powersimple has developed several custom Flashed based maps with branded interfaces that feature zoom and drag functionality and display information populated from a database. Please click on the map thumbnail to launch the working map in a new browser tab.

United Nations – Children and Armed Conflict

Children and Armed Conflict - Flash Data Driven Map By Powersimple 2007This 2007 version is a map that was created in 2001, 2003 and 2005 for the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Children and Armed Conflict. All programming and graphics were developed by Powersimple. It integrates several datasets including Treaty Status, The Annex of the Secretary-General’s Report, and the 2004 country listings of the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers (featured below).

Coalition to Stop the Use Of Child Soldiers

Coalition to Stop The Use of Child Soldiers - Flash Data Driven Map By Powersimple 2004This presentation version of the map above was commissioned by the Coalition in 2004 and delivered as a CD ROM version with hot-keys. When the report launched, this map was taken on tour and used in presentations to display the report data directly from the presenter’s laptop. When you click on a country, it launches a pdf file with the country specific report.

New York Uptowner

New York Uptowner- Flash Data Driven Map By Powersimple 2003This Map was created in 2003 for a startup company (that sadly no longer exists) featuring a map of Upper Manhattan in New York City. It features Local business listings, parks, museums and cultural institutions and more. This was before well before the launch of Google Maps.

We can visualize your location data with amazing maps

Powersimple has a decade of expertise making data driven maps for our clients to visualizing their location based databases and sometimes, even for ourselves (because it's fun for both us and the user!).

All you need is a database table full of information that can be plotted on a map at any level, from a country to a city to a GPS coordinate.

With Google Maps And Google Earth you can load in a dataset that includes a list of specific coordinates, plot it and make create an icon that makes a bubble pop up that includes your data and an image that can be embedded in a web page.

CAAC Map Zoomed in With Flash Maps, you can have a custom map with zoom, color coded rollover features and design the interface to accommodate your unique data.

What's a KML File?
KML is the XML based language Google Uses to describe coordinates on a map. When you load it in Google Earth, it plots the coordinates on their 3D globe and populates it with icons that pop up windows containing your data and images.