Web Presence

Build up your stats and boost your revenue with an up to date SEO strategy

  • Set up and maintain your Facebook business page
  • Optimize your Linked-In Profile
  • Get more exposure for your Twitter feed
  • Use Google Analytics and Adwords to drive traffic

Whether you are starting a new enterprise, or re-establishing your brand, we can work with you to develop a presence on the web that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. crafting your information, message or brand so that it stands out and is found by your audience,
  2. creating a set of tools that visitors can use to navigate your content, buy your products, donate to your cause, socialize, etc…, and
  3. attaching live information to your work flow so that your live presence keeps up with the day to day of your work (see business solutions).

We keep tabs on the latest technology and trends and are constantly finding new ways to integrate them into our sites. This is partially because, well, we’re nerds, but mostly because it is exciting to apply the best technology available to real world problems all the while keeping in mind what will be intuitive and attractive for people to use.

If you’d like to discuss which technology and trends could work for you, please contact us via our form or call us using the phone numbers in the footer of the site.

Starter Packages

Our starter packages offer everything you need to establish a presence on the web or update an existing website. They come complete with set up of Word Press content management which is blog ready, seo-friendly, standards compliant with a wide array of widgets and plug-ins to suit your customization needs. We will then work with you to get the site set up. Also included is training and support for you to get comfortable managing your site.

We provide personalized attention, vast experience and cutting-edge insights to help get you up and running. You will be able to find a lower price, as we have no intention of trying to compete with low-monthly-fee cookie-cutter, get-what-you-pay-for website services. You will not, however, find this level of experience and attention anywhere else at these prices!

"Recession Specials"

$995* - Choose any Word Press theme (there are thousands of free ones, and more that you can buy inexpensively) and have it's design applied with simple customization to apply your branding with a unique look and feel.

$1950* - Your Word Press theme customized with additional advanced CSS and PHP programming, additional training and consulting.

* final quote dependent upon scope of project.