Custom Business Productivity Applications

The business case is simple, you can hire us for less money than it would take for you to pay your staff continue to do that redundant manual process; and we’ll replace that process with a web application that will free up their time to be more productive.

We design and build custom web based business solutions that increase the efficiency and quality of business operations. We are able to achieve this by reviewing your goals and current processes then designing work flows and tools that minimize time commitments and the potential for error. We use a variety of tools and web programming languages to create customized business solutions and make it our business to keep up to date with the latest productivity software out there.

Let us know if your finding yourself spending too much time on some of your data or communications tasks, or if certain projects just keep on going over budget and past deadline.

A few Business Solutions from our portfolio:

Go efficient! The following is a list of featured clients for whom we have developed custom business solutions. Feel free to explore their websites to get an idea of what they do, but keep in mind that our solutions are at play behind the scenes.

It was taking Martifer hours to create their data rich, graphical proposals. We worked with them to create a Proposal Generator that is now helping them to create more proposals, with greater detail in less than half the time.
Each year, Ramsay staff have to process hundreds of media rich applications, decide which galleries will be admitted to the show, then compile more artists and images from those galleries for display on the website. Our custom solution optimizes the process allowing one staff member to handle the entire process... with time to spare.
Powersimple created a customized web solution which allows Reach the World administrators to manage weekly updates including videos from the multiple voyages and publish them in an age appropriate format.
We created a wiki based collaboration tool to gather input from field experts from around the world to create a report for the General assembly In 2007. This body of knowledge was then used as a basis for a second publication.
Powersimple built a specialized business solution for Vote From Home to collect donations and manage voter registrations in Columbus, Ohio during the 2008 Election season.
A canvassing tool we built for Vote From Home allowed volunteers to efficiently plan their routes to follow-up in person with registered voters by plotting the addresses on Google Maps.

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Martifer Solar

The complexity of solar technology, the ever changing landscape of tax incentives and the detailed production data and cash-flow made generating proposals extremely costly. We worked with Martifer Solar to develop a scenario analysis and proposal generation application.
"Powersimple helped us to both create richer proposals and cut the time it takes us to produce them by more than half. ... they worked with us to understand exactly what we needed and got the job done." - Daniel Dus, CFO.

Ramsay Fairs

Each year, Ramsay Fairs, the office behind PULSE and the Affordable Art Fair, handles hundreds of media rich applications from art galleries and VIP RSVPs for events as well as managing an ever growing fan base and demands from the press. Along with creating their web presence for both fairs, we developed a customized application, committee review, web publication solution that improved the quality of the applications while making the system more efficient.
"Thank you! You are the best application partner we could have hoped for!" Sarah Haselwood, Fair Coordinator.